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Site Reliability Engineer

  • פורסם בתאריך: 24 במאי 2020
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מרכז מחקר ופיתוח של תאגיד אי-קומרס בינלאומי מגייס המון מפתחים, מפתחות, חוקרים וחוקרות. זו הזדמנות מעולה להצטרף ולגדול יחד איתם.


Availability, Reliability and Performance for Request/Response flows.

Completeness, Correctness and Freshness for data pipelines are the focus areas

Excellent trouble-shooting skills that span systems, network (TCP/IP), and code

Hands-on Software engineering skills including Java, Python, Scala etc

Expert knowledge in large scale web operations and web based Java/J2EE architectures and JVM configurations

Strong interpersonal and communication skills to work in a fast paced and rapidly changing dynamic environment

Strong skills in data structures, relational and NOSQL databases, networking, web architectures, UNIX flavors

BSCS or related 4-year technical degree

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