DevOps Engineer

  • פורסם בתאריך: 23 באפריל 2019
תיאור משרה

Our consuming habit are much more efficient thanks to company technology. They created creating trusted comparison websites that enable consumers to easily compare products and services online and form high-value relationships with the brands they choose. Those, helping millions of consumers around the world make smarter, more confident buying decisions.


  • 5 years in a DevOps role or similar
  • 3 years experience in leading and implementing CI/CD processes
  • 3 years experience in coding and scripting (Python/Ruby/Go/Bash)
  • 2 years experience with Docker Swarm/Kubernetes
  • Experience with Hadoop/Spark and BigData pipelines – an advantage
  • Experience in managing web infrastructure on production environment – an advantage
  • Strong familiarity with log shipping, monitoring and AWS – an advantage
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